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International Ship & Port Facility Security

The company is active in training of security managers of shipping companies, security managers of the company in the port, security managers of ships and all their crew.


The trainers and advisors on security issues are Mr. Cooperberg Wilfred,
Mr. Smollik Basan.


Mr. Cooperberg has served for 14 years as a security officer at EL AL, for 13 years as head of security for the Israeli navy ZIM, and until 2018 was a consultant and security officer for the Israeli Community of Athens. His experience is huge, since even now he works as a security consultant in large companies.


Mr. Cooperberg has trained dozens of security guards, security staff, security staff at the Rhodes Casino, Attiko Metro security staff, while the ATHENAEUM INTERCONTINENTAL hotel has entrusted him with the training of its security staff as well as large shipping companies such as the SUPER FAST FERRIES, the BLUE STAR FERRIES the training of the personnel in the safety issues of the ISPS code of the eleven alpha and beta chapters.


Some of the subjects taught in the courses in Port Security and Ship Security schools are the following:

  1. Terrorist strike analysis (from arrest to execution of a plan)
  2. Organization of security based on security cycles.
  3. Risk analysis.
  4. Basic principles of personal security.
  5. Body language
  6. Emotional intelligence in the workplace.
  7. Conflict resolution.
  8. Suspect identification (and illegal immigrants) indoors.
  9. Identification of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  10. Basic principles of control in passengers.
  11. Determination of Security levels I, II, III
  12. Identification of port vulnerabilities.
  13. Ways to Bypass Security Measures.
  14. Self-defense techniques.
  15. Analysis of human sensitive points.
  16. Practical first aid after an explosion

Jk security is certified by EQA according to ISO 9001-2000 for the quality provision of security training.


Finally, JK security is a company whose members have been part of security training since 2001 and ISPS CODE since 2003, this proves our specialization, and guarantees the effectiveness of the training system we provide.