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Co training

JKSECURITY in collaboration with BLACK EAGLE created a group of security consultants, consisting of local experts who have been active in Greece for more than 20 years and deliver accumulated experience in the field.


Founding members are Messrs. Wilfred Cooperberg and Michael Christodoulou.

Foreign partners include:

  • ISC Holdings, Ltd Israel
  • Operational Krav Maga
  • Krav Maga Global
  • Ares Global Security
  • International Bodyguard & Security Services Association


This partnership delivers proven experience covering a wide range of services in the field of personal security (VIP protection), combat system (Krav Maga Operational).

  • Security Guard Services protect the client’s property, assets and the people around them.
  • Security for events We specialize in organizing and designing various types of events which we teach in our academy.
  • V.I.P Protection VIP protection from attacks, kidnappings, murders, persecutions, terrorist attacks, loss of confidential information or other threats.
  • First Aid Safety Our personnel is trained to provide initial care for onsite injury and illness.


Hand-to-hand combat training is an effective way for all armies around the world to maintain their fighting capabilities even when all their personal equipment is destroyed, especially when forced to engage in contact combat. In most cases soldiers are trained to fight with the force of their weapons or equipment. When those are lost so is their fighting power. At first glance it seems that this only applies to special forces and “front line” infantry units. WRONG!


In the current conditions of war, even the rear units will have to deal with similar conditions, especially rear targets and security units. What will they do when confronted with enemy fighters whose goal is to attempt sabotage and attack from the rear? It’s precisely for this reason that the whole army must be trained to confront this form of attack.


Krav Maga Operational stems from the renowned traditional Krav Maga techniques, the word “Operational” he has added is to distinguish this redesigned system from the traditional Krav Maga and to identify it as an authentic modern self-defense system. It includes elements of unarmed and armed combat techniques, as well as self-defense techniques in modern firearms and safe usage of such firearms.


Based on the know-how and fighting approach of the Israeli special forces,  this stage of training, the trainee, will gain first hand experience of the battle field mentality, the know-how of unarmed combat.